Special Event

Client: Dolce Gabbana

Year: 2018

Event Title: Alta Moda, Alta Sartoria, Alta Gioielleria

July 2018_Taking inspiration from the famous Italian poem “The Betrothed”,  Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda, with the unique creativity and the imagination, brought to life the characters of the novel by Alessandro Manzoni.

Set in Lake Como, Dolce & Gabbana’s guests were literally enraptured by the magnificence of the exhibition that surrounded them. The creative excellence and the art of tailoring made gave life to a real spell.

The catwalks of both Men and women collections took place at Villa Carlotta and at Parco Olivelli di Tremezzo, two historic locations that overlook the breathtaking landscape of the lake.

A spectacular set design was the background of the Alta Moda shows and gala dinners: access portals with unique decorations and amazing video mapping, have highlighted the gardens and facades of the magnificent villas, creating magical atmospheres.

From the 6th to 9th of July 2018, guests lived four dreamy days. They had the opportunity to move around the shores of the lake on board of the elegant Riva motorboats, which allowed them to reach the events rapidly.
Visitors had also the opportunity to visit and to shop at the exclusive pop-up store, which was set up inside the historic Patria steamship for the occasion. 

Direction, production, and logistics were essential for the success of the event managed by FeelRouge  Worldwide Shows for the third consecutive season.